Medicine in simple answers


Food is probably the most important thing in most people’s life. Food defines a lot of things about a person about a community and at times about our culture too.This is why some people exhibit their culture with their finest cuisine to represent themselves. Similarly health defines a lot about the food we eat and the kind of food we love to eat.

Good healthy food is the ultimate source of happiness for some 🙂 However, more needs to be learnt about this source of happiness otherwise it can be highly misleading and dangerous in the later stage.

To begin the learning lets ask ourselves basic questions such as :

These are just a few questions that not many of us may be able to answer. We definitely may be having some of the items above in some form or the other but we carelessly don’t know some important facts about them.

These links above are taken from an authentic site that provides answers to thousands of medical answers that we may have in our daily life. It is not a technical site that confuses the patients with huge medical terms instead it is an interesting medical site that helps you learn about yourself and the human body.

You can check out their huge database on thousands of medical topics that get updated every day . So lets be more aware with ourselves and understand our complex body in simple terms.


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